Had an appointment with the psych registrar today, what came out of it is that they’re useless and I hate the system in stuck in even more
Appointment went like this: so good news is you’re not as crazy as we thought, bad news is we literally can’t do anything about it except give you benzos and we don’t want to do that so have fun not being able to leave your house alone or live a normal life at all haha byeeee

Nirco Castillo SS14  

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what i’m saying is, what am i supposed to talk about when meeting people for the first time if not our psychiatrists

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there’s a thing that happens when you’re Problems where you don’t have a lot to talk about except those problems and it’s so nice being around people where you can just… do that

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Tried to Level,

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dfab trans demigirls/queer-girls will always hav a special place in my heart bc in my experience theyre usually ppl who navigated trans masculinity & were alienated from it, bc of how awful & toxic Masculinity is for everyone, and now are finding a space in…

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here are six selfies look at them

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'have u considerde that some people dotn' think any trans women are attractive adn thats ok'

have u considered that i am a midnight death queen with a mouth full of blood and a fist full of stars and i will drag your tired empire into the dirt and eat its fucking heart

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